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National Enquirer

Friends of this newly seperated actor are worried about his out-of-control drinking and begging him to go into rehab. After a failed intervention a few years ago, the former sitcom star swore off booze. But his recovery didnt last long. Who is he?

Continuation of:
I thought this one could be Louie de Palma. I did think it might be Joey Tribbiani, but didn't think he was recently separated?

I'm not sure if it fits, but one person springs to mind. Sounds like he would be Walking the Line?
I hope it's not him. Somehow, I don't think it is; I always get the impression that he very much knows what he is doing in terms of the image he projects.

The most popular guesses on the site were JRM & Eddard Stark, Boromir, 006/Alec Trevelyan.
Both are kind of know for liking the drink too much. Perhaps more.
Yep, Boromir would be my guess. He even looks like he's been hitting the drink a lot lately.
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