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How many people have come out and said they or their children were abused by MJ after he died though?

None AFAIK. Which suggests Jacko was just having friends over for a sleepover (very weird but not illegal) whereas JS was into something more sinister.
Not every paedophile has the same MO. Jimmy Savile was a molester who could not and did not resist the temptation to abuse as many people as crossed his path. Michael Jackson was an altogether different type of abuser who nurtured relationships and may even have felt something akin to love for the boys whose innocence he robbed. He certainly made them dependent upon him

For those of you who have not yet done so, please read This site is extensively researched and it is difficult to dispute any of the arguments put forward, However, the writer puts some excellent counter arguments forward which totally dismiss the defences used by Michael Jackson fans.

My feeling, having read as much available evidence as is possible, including the trial transcripts and more, is that Michael Jackson was undoubtedly a predator. However, we can only ever have opinions. The truth lies with the boys.
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