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he went on trial and was found innocent. anyway you should research the full story and you too will realize that he was innocent if you haven't then you have no right to comment

He went on trail and was found 'not guilty'. There is no such thing as an' innocent' verdict.

Of course Michael Jackson's case was helped by the 5 million dollar lawyer he employed to discredit the accusers, and by his own reluctance to take the stand.

Sadly cases can be won and lost on the sharpness of the acting attorneys. Michael Jackson had the money to pay the every best of the bunch, and he didn't let him down. I find it interesting that after the case was over, 2 of the jurors said that they had wanted a guilty verdict but had their voices drowned out by a vociferous head of jury - the same head of jury who was out partying with the Jackson team later that week.

Things that make you go hmmm.....
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