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Oh I wondered how long it would be before MJ was brought into this. Here's the difference, I say it again, in 1994 two seperate grand juries examined the evidence and rejected it, according to one there were so many contradictions and story changes by the accuser, in 2005 after months in court a jury found him not guilty, for the same reason. If anyone was abused it was MJ.

Saville is dead, he cannot refute these allegations which the media are only too pleased to assume he is guilty of. I think he probably is but we don't know until these stories are investigated, people kept quiet for years and only came forward when a TV documentary was being made, that has to make you wonder.

In all of this nobody mentions how Elvis moved a fourteen year old Precilla into his home, everyone accepted there was no inappropriate behaviour, and maybe there wasn't but I bet underage sex was as rife amoung stars since ever they existed. If these allegations are true there should be action taken against people who allowed it to continue, but let's not start bringing other unproven accusations against other people into it.

As a point of note, Priscilla was 18 when she moved to Graceland.
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