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From CDAN:

He Will Probably Die Soon

This actor was just about A list. Almost at the cusp. Movies, and television, this foreign born actor with the strange looking name was at the top of every list. An incredible actor. He has had some issues. Lots of issues. He still works all the time, but the people closest to him know that unless he really commits himself to getting help and not just when it suits his legal needs, that he will die soon.

They say that they expected him to die earlier this summer when he went on a ten day bender and was one step above passing out for almost the entire time. When the bender ended he slept for four solid days. He never woke up once for anything and had to throw away the mattress and sheets when he finally did wake up. Everyone assumes he just boozes it up because that is all he seems to get in trouble for, but heroin is what he lives for.

Every waking moment is devoted to his one true love. He used to limit himself to once a day, and now he can't go longer than about four hours. He hates flying on anything that keeps him away from it. He says that he is thankful that despite being an almost A list actor, most people don't recognize him and that he can tell right away when looking at someone whether they can score him drugs.

He does have someone in his life but all she can do right now is try to keep him from overdosing and to call for helpif he does. He tries everyday to her to join him which really makes him an a-hole in my mind. She has said no so far and thinks she can really help the actor. He keeps saying he can get her parts but he has not done anything. She says they never have sex, because his free time is devoted to his drug or finding his drug or sleeping off his drugs.

She also says he is going to die soon. That his body just can't handle the drugs and the booze in such quantities every night.
I'm going with JRM. I can remember a story about him a while ago when he'd invited some strangers back to his, or had gone to some stranger's house and had a binge. He seems like a very lonely and sad man. Also he's had a few incidents at airports in the past. So sad.
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