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he went on trial and was found innocent. anyway you should research the full story and you too will realize that he was innocent if you haven't then you have no right to comment
Have to say I agree that I don't think MJ was a child molester.
I have done a huge amount of research on it over the past few years and read all the court transcripts. So much to support his innocence. Tom Sneddon absolutely had it in for him. A few things that convinced me MJ was innocent was the recording of Evan Chandler (who later commited suicide) saying he was going to destroy Michael Jackson's career and win big. Also the Arvizo family had also tried to extort other celebrities in the past. There is plenty of other things that suggested to me he wasn't a pedophile but I won't list them all. The journalist Aphrodite Jones' book is fantastic. She started out thinking he was guilty like a lot of people did but after studying the trial came to the conclusion he was innocent. Obviously there's no absolute proof he didn't do anything untoward, I have to admit if he was still alive and wanted my son to go for a sleepover I would have to say no lol but I don't think in my opinion MJ and Jimmy saville are in any way similar.
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