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Not since Christina Aguilera was married has there been a case of cuckolding so bad that I have heard of anyway. This B- list television actress from a very very hit cable show has always stayed out of the spotlight. Or at least tried to. She does not go chasing it very often despite the fact that she could get a lot more play and fame and publicity if she wanted. She is considered a role model by many. She is also a wife who is very much in charge. Her husband willingly signed on and knew what he was getting into. Since their second date, she has told him what women's underwear to wear under his clothes. Usually a bra, always panties. Our actress looks like the shy and reserved type, but in her past she earned a living as a dominatrix and it was not just a living to her, she loved it. She made six figures a year and her husband is the willing participant in all her crazy games. Not only does he do what she says, but she also has a long time boyfriend of almost a decade who she has sex with on a regular basis and makes her husband sit there and watch. Every single time.
Not a clue, but if it's all consensual, what does it matter?
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