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What do you mean it's not quite true with Madonna? sorry just didn't get what you meant - it's been a long day
im saying (again) that in the 80's and 90's madonna cut new ground, she didnt raid retro acts in which to shape her career.

nowdays though shes a pale imitation of her former self.

It always AMAZES ME when people think Madonna stole from Monroe. Stole what exactly? every blonde woman in Hollywood was doing the Monroe look after Monroe. Madonna wasn't the first use a similar hairstyle and those who clearly aren't clever enough to see that the Material Girl video was a homage just don't deserve to breath!!!!
monroe wasnt even the first blonde bombshell

Madonna's impact and legacy will never be repeated by anyone. Madonna changed music for female artists. She altered the musical landscape in a way no female singer had done before. There is no new ground for any new artist to cover because Madonna has already done it all.
whilst what you say isnt strictly untrue, you do overstate madonnas impact. she wasnt the only woman in music to cut new ground.
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