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Prior to 1993 was it known he slept with boys as young as 7 who were on their own with him?

Was 2003 the first time he publicly admitted sleeping with young boys, but even then he was only 'sharing' ie giving up his bed for young boys.

But come the trial Wade Robson, his sister and mum, witnesses for the defence all said Wade slept in the same bed as Michael.

I don't buy the idea Michael was naive, as from his public statements and denials he was acutely aware what to say and not to say.
He was in some ways - why would someone who has been accused of child abuse openly admit he slept with children in the same bed - in fact the whole Bashir program reveals his naviety - the purchase of expensive tat, the dangling of his son over a balcony, the way he seemed to trust Bashir, that seems extra-ordinarily naive. He was very astute in some ways with his presentation of himself on stage and his business dealings so much so that he alienated himself from Paul McCartney over buying the Beatles songwriting copywright and letting advertising companies use them but in other he was hopelessy naive.

If MJ was an abuser then he didn't see himself that way I think JS just didn't give a monkeys for anyone but himself - in that almost certainly they were different. MJ also had some geunine friends like Elizabeth Taylor I don't think JS did.
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