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I never said Rihanna, Britney, Christina and Katy are ripping off Madonna. I said that they have copied other people which prompted people to call it stealing, but when Madonna does it then it's inspiration.

Gaga is inspired by David Bowie and Grace Jones before Madonna. You can clearly see the influence of them on Gaga. Madonna fans just like to believe that Gaga is stealing from Madonna when she also admitted that Madonna has inspired her during her life.

I've said some harsh things about Beyonce on this forum but if we come to facts, she only had 2 lawsuits, and 1 of them wasn't about the credits of the song (Des'ree track). The other claims are just blog rumours and crazy youtube videos.

You make it seem like Madonna is the girls' only inspiration. Gaga's is inspired by David Bowie and Grace Jones. Britney Spears is inspired Whitney Houston, Otis Redding and Mariah Carey. Rihanna's idol growing up is Beyonce and also inspired by Mariah Carey. Christina's main inspiration is Etta James and many old skool musicians.
Where did I say she was their only inspriation? I never. I said she clearly inspired them all which they admit. Even Christina..... google is your friend. So why you have gone all defensive I don't know. Its not a case of ''so and so inspired someone first'' yadda yadda. Its about overall influence. We aren't in the playground.

As for Gaga copying Grace Jones and Bowie. Yes she has and it lead to Grace Jones bad mouthing her. Hoever you have to be deluded if you cannot see the impact Madonna had on Gaga. When she performed Born This Way at the Grammys , people questioned if the song and the performance was a Madonna homage and tribute. That detrailed the whole BTW era for Gaga as the comparison wouldn't leave her. So don't make out its only Madonna fans saying it when it was everyone.

Ne-Yo among others called Beyonce out in public.
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