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Prior to 1993 was it known he slept with boys as young as 7 who were on their own with him?

Was 2003 the first time he publicly admitted sleeping with young boys, but even then he was only 'sharing' ie giving up his bed for young boys.

But come the trial Wade Robson, his sister and mum, witnesses for the defence all said Wade slept in the same bed as Michael.

I don't buy the idea Michael was naive, as from his public statements and denials he was acutely aware what to say and not to say.
Yes, he slept with young boys but this does not mean he was a paedophile. He may or may not have been one, I've no idea and no one else does (except for the boys who slept with him)

The poster I quoted said he was a paedophile,(stating this as fact) and this is what I was questioning. How does she know? My guess is... she doesn't, therefore she is only making assumptions.

Assumptions and facts have different meanings. if a person views assumptions and facts in the same light, then they come across as confused, lacking understanding and intelligence.
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