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Where have I gone defensive?!!

I never said Madonna hasn't inspired Gaga. I just related to what you said, when you mentioned that Britney and the other girls admitted Madonna's inspiration where Gaga never did and only made it look like her own. Lady Gaga said in many interviews that Madonna is one of her inspirations but Madonna's fans turn a blind eye on this and call it stealing!!! The only answer to this is Madonna's fans being threatened by Gaga's success.

The Ne-yo thing is boring and over hyped now. He came out in many interviews and said that he GAVE her the credits because his version of Irreplaceable is totally different to Beyonce's one.

Actually Gaga's response to the Madonna thing initially was that it was ''retarded''. Also I don't think any Madonna fan feels treatened by Gaga, threatened about what exactly? Pop stars like Gaga come and go, Britney was in the exact same place 10 years ago, as was Cyndi in the 80s and Mariah in the 90s. Madonna hasn't lasted 30 years for nothing. Only until another female artist lasts as long as Madonna and is still having number 1 albums and sell out world tours 30 years into their career can someone say they feel treatened. Its rather laughable and immature to suggest thats the case. Gaga's success is nothing Madonna fans haven't seen before and I'm sure its nothing they won't see again in the future once the next big female blows up.
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