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im saying (again) that in the 80's and 90's madonna cut new ground, she didnt raid retro acts in which to shape her career.

nowdays though shes a pale imitation of her former self.

monroe wasnt even the first blonde bombshell

whilst what you say isnt strictly untrue, you do overstate madonnas impact. she wasnt the only woman in music to cut new ground.

Again this kinda showcases the diversity of fanbase....i dont think she has truly changed in attitude or anything this era....she just has kept the music of new current and is the live shows however that are cutting edge this time around by pushing the elvelope forward.

And in terms of her Post-Millenium albums/singles....the Music album was the first to bring Mirwais into the mix and incorporate Acoustics and Techno into popular music....American Life pushed it further by harshening the Techno and incorporating her most complex material of recent times with FOlk incorporated in there ( you can literally smell the napalm ala - Apocalypse Now!) and Confessions On A Dance Floor was the first big gun album to really pour Trance, Alternative Dance and SYnthpop into mainstream music years before the "Class Of 2009 Popstars" came into play. each of the three albums ahead of their time and a definite definition of pushing the wheel forward.

However....much like Bedtime Stories was in 1994, i do feel Madonna is in her transitional period now with Hard Candy it was kinda "label twisting arm" and she had her divorce going on and Malawi Press gunning at her and a movie she made going on and tour all seemed a bit "safe for Madonna" and all at once...whereas this year with MDNA she has kept it fun and basic while offering new material for fans and including contemporary sounds (Dubstep mainly) as well as echoes back across her last 12 albums. But tour wise you can see the detail and effort she has put in.

Honestly i feel she has come out of this 5 year transitional period and has a lot to say and do and embracing everything again....i dont know her but its these vibes im getting anyhow
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