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Do you have proof? Did you know him personally? Did you witness what went on in his bedroom? Did you have a camera... recording his bedroom activities?
If not, you cannot say MJ was a paedophile and state it as fact.
I have never been to death valley but I know its warm. never been to Burma but I know its a warzone. You dont have to have seen something first hand to know its true, thats why lots of people believe in god, and evolution.

JS was a peado and it was pretty clear to anyone with half a brain. Go watch his travel show and watch how he interacts with women. (I cannot stand him) but Keith Lemon is overlay sexual with women and its cringe worthy and funny. But when JS did it years back, you could see it was much more predatory.

As for MJ, he was not so much an outright anything, he was mostly very strange. He did do strange things with kids (the licking hair thing was very strange) but I dont think it ever went too far (as in rape or something like JS). But MJ was always a wierdo, and not just from his rather bizarre upbringing and family unit, but also the immense fame he had for a VERY long time.

Millions of his fans would happily kill if asked by him, and that level of fanaticism has to warp a persons perception of reality.
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