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A little known fact was that some items of evidence were found in Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in a 1993 raid. These items seem to have been overlooked by the media, probably because the file below was not released publicly until 4th of October 2006, well after the end of the trial.

The items of interest are

'Boys Will Be Boys' - a book featuring nude photos of boys;
'The Boy, A Photographic Essay' - another book featuring nude photos of boys;
A photograph of a boy, believed to be Jonathan Spence, fully nude; and
A photograph of a young boy holding an umbrella, wearing bikini bottoms partially pulled down.

Even at face value, taken individually, these items cannot be considered in any way innocent, or even "art". Any one of these items in the hands of a man who regularly slept alone with boys of a particular age would ring alarm bells for any adult - unless you are a Michael Jackson fan that is.

An important note needs to be made here: Many people are under the mistaken belief that these items were several of millions that fans sent to Jackson and they somehow just "appeared" in his bedroom, and that he had never looked at them. Another point some try to make is that Jackson had tens of thousands of books and these items were just "jumbled" in amongst them.

Both suppositions are false.

Read more:

Link to documents:
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