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I saw this at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. If I have any negative comment at all it would be, maybe, the film is a little long. But, I suppose that can happen when you have a good story; it gets hard to cut bits out.

Best two scenes: the 'back-lit fight' looked just amazing on the big screen. It just won't be anywhere near the same on TV. And, the 'DB5 moment' . It's the big 'five-oh' anniversary so they are allowed sentimental license as far as I'm concerned. The way it was unveiled, M's sarcasm and driving off to THAT tune, it was wonderfully done and , to my peripheral senses at least, something that brought an appreciative reaction from most in the cinema. It's scenes like these that actually make it worth the effort of going out and seeing a film in the cinema with all the bells and whistles.

(oh, and Silva was a great return of a proper OTT psycho Bond villain.)

The ending was a complete shock for me, but again, I thought they storied it really well with the way they finished off the film. I think in some ways it sort of tidies things up. The producers are in a position where they have a choice of what type of Bond film they want to make next. I'd be quite happy to see them continue to 'soften' (if that's the right word) Craig's character with some pastiche from Bond of old.
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