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Saw it Saturday. Packed to the rafters, it was.

Overall, a fairly sterling romp with enough bangs, chases and quips to sate the crowds and ring the tills. Two winners here: Mendes, whose sober, clear-headed approach keeps it all briskly in focus throughout (and budget moaners be damned - it was about time we saw a bit more of Blighty in Bond films). Then, of course, there's Craig, who now makes the more intimate exchanges as enjoyable as his thuggery (which is always good). Surely this is what Fleming had in mind?'s started to get a little self-reverential. The joke about exploding pens, that car etc. Bond is always absurd one way or another, but it largely carries on as if it isn't. We don't want it winking at itself, or at the audience. I'd also question the decision to humanise Bond with back-story and whatnot. It may fulfill certain plot requirements on this occassion, but we risk denting the character's mystique - a large part of his appeal, and something Craig is very good at putting across.

Skyfall will doubtlessly be huge - maybe the biggest Bond ever. But where next? It is more apparent here than in the much-lambasted QoS that you can only re-arrange the old furniture so many ways, and anything truly new is out of the question. But then Bond is a franchise identified by its components as much as its character(s) - and there lies its probably eternal problem. 7/10
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