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From CDAN:

#1: This former A list actress who hit it big in her teens is all grown up now and is married with children. She still acts, but has a tough time finding the same level of jobs or fame she once had when she was on top of the world. Anyway, she and he husband are splitting because the threesomes they have always enjoyed are turning into our actress and the other woman on an almost regular basis being alone and spending time together. They are even talking about having babies of their own.

#2: This foreign born A list model was at an event recently. She has dated some big names in the past and is one of those rare models who people know the name of. Anyway, at this event she was approached by a handler for an A+ R&B singer. The handler said that ______ would love for the model to come sit next to him and have a drink. The model said, "Sorry, but I don't like being around black people very much and there is no way I would date one or have people think I date one. So, thanks, but no thanks," and walked away.
does the first one have a (first half of a) surname the same as Goop's eldest's first name?!
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