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National Enquirer

This hunky A-lister is getting calls from his desperate C-list actress ex-wife - she was famous when he was struggling - because now she's hoping he'll help HER with her floundering career! But the still-bitter actor wants nothing to do with her. Who are they?

Which married Hollywood couple-they're both Oscar-nominated fought like cats and dogs recently while visiting longtime actor friends at their quiet retreat outside New York City?The 40-something couple's constant arguing and bickering culminated with her storming out of the bed-and-breakfast and flying back to LA-alone.

What TV host got a little too hot under the collar and threw a major hissy-fit in front of a live audience ? The former child actor-turned television personality blamed his crew for purposely keeping the hot lights pointed at him when the cameras wern't rolling!

Which 'DWTS' contestant was eliminated from the competition because her TV boss wanted her to get back to work on her day job? The well-connected boss pulled some strings, and before you could say 'disco ball trophy', the wannabe hoofer's dancing dreams were crushed!
1. Yes, definitely Gimme Moore
2. first one that Google throws up is CHerry Valance and Brand Walsh
3.No idea
4. C.J.Parker probably needed to get back to work, I believe she's got debts to pay allegedly.
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