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From CDAN:

This A list actress spent most of a recent evening at a party crying in the corner. When asked what was wrong, she said it was the first time she had ever been to a party where no men had hit on her and that no one seems to care about her. The actress just downed one drink after the other collecting a pile of shot glasses until at the end of the night she was helped out to a waiting car. All alone.

From Blind Gossip:

This pretty actress has been missing in action for the past week. While she should have been out promoting her new project, she has been claiming that she can't because of the weather in New York. That's odd. Other cast members have managed to get flights out. And even if she is stuck in New York, she certainly could have done appearances on the New York-based morning shows.

So what's really going on here? Well, what she isn't saying is that she is really in no shape to be seen in public. Our spies saw her a few days after Sandy hit. She was sitting alone in the corner of a casual restaurant, wearing giant sunglasses. When she lifted up her sunglasses to read some papers she brought with her, our spy noticed she was sporting a rather shocking accessory.... a giant black eye! When she saw some people staring at her, she grew uncomfortable, gathered her things, and left.

We don't know if the black eye was the result of plastic surgery, an accident, or something more sinister.... but it was definitely the kind of injury that even make up couldn't hide.
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