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From CDAN:

It Was Awful

"The first time we met was at a table reading. He had what seemed like a staff of 100. I came alone. I had never seen anything like it before. I feel like if someone could have put his water bottle to his lips they would of done it for him. He did have this incredible energy at it attracted me to him, but it turned out to be the worst few months of my life.

As soon as i said hello to this (A+ list all movie actor) he was all over me. Not in a physical touching and groping kind of way which was something that happened to me a lot (A list all movie actress; foreign born) but he was in my space. It was like he had smothered me and the entire time we were together i felt smothered. He introduced himself to me properly and was full of ideas for the movie. Immediately he started asking questions about our characters then would switch to asking questions about my family. It was a never ending barrage of questions. I felt like he was constantly probing. I noticed that he could make anyone feel like they had all his attention. I have seen it in politicians before. I once had a politician who without me even realizing it caressing my breasts because he had engrossed me with so much of his charm. No, it was not Bill Clinton, it was a foreign leader who had a thing for women.

This actor told me we would be going to lunch together to talk about the movie and he had done a lot of research on the movie. I had barely even thought about it. It was a table read and he had several notebooks filled with his ideas about how to shoot things and script changes he wanted and then the lunch turned into dinner. I really expected that when he dropped me off at my hotel that he would invite himself up or kiss me, but he just flashed his smile and said he would be in touch. He sent flowers the next day. Dozens and dozens. This was something that would happen everyday we were together. No matter where i was, he would track me down and dozens of flowers would arrive. There were no high dollar gifts or anything, just loads and loads of flowers.

The whole time we were together he kissed me several times but it felt like we were in a movie and he was playing a part. There was never any sex and he never went beyond kissing me. it was so sterile. I love passion and he obviously had passion for things, but i never felt he had a passion for me as a person or us as a couple. It was a passion he brought to work and his other activities and with the director and writers, but with me, it was forced. I felt like anything that was personal with him was forced. He could talk to directors and writers about work and he would ask them personal questions but there was no intimacy about those questions. It is tough to describe.

When i look back at it now, the time passed so quickly and when it ended i realized how awful it all it was. It was so wonderful that first day apart and not to get flowers or be forced to submit to a barrage of questions about everything. I sat there and looked out my window all day and drank coffee. I drank wine. He frowned on both of those and i ate chocolate cake. I remember that specifically. He hated cake. It was like he hated anything that was fun. He would participate in a fun activity and look like he was having fun, but it was just a look, an act. It was awful and i would hate living my life like that."
I've come to this cold. Who is it about? Or if you can't say that, who is the 'I' describing this creep?
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