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I wonder if she is disliked purely because she is engaged to St.Kylie's ex...
Nope... I never had much of an opinion of her before the custody battle... but anybody who tries as hard as she did to deny the other parent of their right to have a relationship with a much loved child is despicable imo.

Then when she failed to limit the father's access she decided to remove the child to Paris... the it's to protect her from the paparazzi story is so pathetic it is unreal... because France is well known for its privacy laws and even better known for the pitiful 'punishments' for those that flout them.

This is spite pure and simple imo HB doesn't see why she should have to share her daughter... which makes her an appalling parent who cannot put her daughter's feelings before her own... personally that is why I don't like her... I couldn't care less who she is dating.
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