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From CDAN:

Blind items: Revealed

March 31st, 2008

This B list film actress with a nose for paparazzi disappeared off the radar screen for a few days. Public stories professed one thing while in reality our actress spent a few days with a foreign billionaire. You do the math.

Cady Heron

April 3, 2008

Apparently someone is living out whatever fantasies they can think of. This Academy Award winning/nominated A list film actor and his girlfriend decided to go car shopping. They picked out a modest $150,000 car to take for a little test drive. When they got back an hour later, they said thanks, but no thanks to the salesperson and drove off. Inside the car smelled of sex and a used condom. Apparently someone decided not to clean up after themselves. The owner of the dealership placed a call to the our actor to say he did not find it humorous and was not sure if the car would be able to sell now because of the smell and was going to contact his attorneys. Our actor then decided that perhaps he ought to just go ahead and buy the car.

21 Grams of Milk
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