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Kim Wilde - this was a while ago when she was a household name - was just the nicest, chattiest person. A bunch of us were in a hotel bar in the Midlands just after she'd recorded an edition of the Radio 1 Music Marathon, and she and some blokes she was with just came over and joined us.
Agree that Kim Wilde is absolutely lovely. I've done lots of backing singing (and met quite a few celebs), and she was just a treat. In fact, I didn't recognise her, and assumed she was production crew, because she was so warm, chatty, and friendly!


Rod Stewart's an absolute gent (and very short...).
Donny Osmond also (and I'd like the number of his plastic surgeon and his dentist, please)
Parky's a cheeky one, in a good way
Andrew Scott (Moriarty in Sherlock) - funny, scatty, sweet, and very pretty
Anna Friel - used to live near her, very normal
Richard Briers - used to live opposite him; a really decent "neighbour" to the extent you'd forget who he was!


Certain Popera "stars"...I'll say no more.
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