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[quote=Eddie Badger;62269721]
The nicest and most cheerful and upbeat person on Twitter is someone whom I'm very pleased to follow and who has RT'd me several times and answered me too now and then. Pete Best - the Beatles' drummer from 1960-62 whom they dumped in favour of Ringo just when they hit the big time. He is a great man and someone whom I've a great deal of time for. Check him out.

Lots of other good people on Twitter - but I'm still on cloud 9 at the moment because Ian Rankin RT'd me yesterday and spoke to me there. He is, of course, a very good and famous author, writer of the Inspector Rebus novels. [/QUOTE]

I was talking to someone who works in a large bookstore and he speaks very highly of Ian Rankin.
Met him an Edinburgh bookstore and he happily stood talking to my Grandma for about 15 minutes as she is a huge fan of his books. We sweet and very normal man. You would never have guessed he was this famous author.
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