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If celebrities don't want attention, why the hell did they choose a career where getting attention was a certainty?
They are only concerned with the bigger audience, if there are no cameras there they don't want to know.

Bit much towards the guy that actually hired him.

That guy may have wanted to use him again for something else.

I know if someone said to me in the same situation, 'Let's use Lenny Henry again, as he was good last time', I would point out what happened in that situation.

Thankfully the job I'm in does not involve me in that sort of thing!
It was horrible, the poor bloke was humiliated in front of everyone in the bar and he had paid Henry a lot of money to be unfunny that night,a lot of us heard what he said and I think the word went round and nobody hires him for those sort of events anymore.... What annoys me more is his Children in need stuff, he doesn't give a toss, the way he spoke to those kids at the station was disgusting.
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