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The thing I find puzzling about the witch that is Cilla Black is that she is apparently best mates with someone who IS (by all accounts) a nice person - Paul O'Grady! I usually go by the old saying 'you can judge a man by the company he keeps' so I'm starting to go off him now.

I'm beginning to think that when you hear one celebrity say of another 'He's/she's the nicest person in showbusiness' that the mean 'He's/she's the nicest person in showbusiness - to other people in showbusiness - but if you're a pleb - forget it!'
Spot on there.

Cilla is fine with other famous people but how she treats the public is a different matter.

A workmate was telling me about a relative who did building work for her a few years ago and she was an absolute b*tch. She spoke in her 'real' accent too which is nothing like the fake scouse one she uses. He said he'd never been treated so badly and would never work for her again.

Thank God we don't see much of her on tv anymore.
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