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This. Oh SO this.

It's so easy to strip out or overload a frequency and make a perfectly pleasant speaker or singer sound reedy or muddy. Killing off the upper partial harmonics will turn any voice or instrument into a pancake of uninspiring noise. "Forget" a filter, and the speaker's voice is broadcast to the nation with all its accompanying spit pops and lip smacks - and even a few which aren't actually really there at all.

Three people you never upset: the VAT inspector, the waiter, and the sound engineer.

Not that I would ever be caught doing such things, you understand.
Mm-hmm. Best bit of career advice I ever had was "buy/make them coffee/tea, and bring them biscuits. They are your FRIENDS".

And to clarify, it's Mr Watson. I can forgive a certain amount of chippiness, as he seems to suffer badly from performance nerves, but being an out and out @rse doesn't work for me.
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