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Nicest celeb I ever met was Bob Hope.

Babs Windsor, Gloria Hunniford and Christopher Biggins are wonderful, full of fun and speaks to everyone.

Gary Barlow, nice enough but boring.

But Kim Kardashian for some unknown reason thinks she's a super star and surrounds herself with huge bodyguards, and will not talk to anyone off camera.

Excited to meet Bradley Wiggins but very demanding.. I guess he was having a bad day
I'm a fan of his accomplishments but I hear he has quite a lot of bad days, as does his wife. A rather prickly pair

Though considering all that he's achieved I suppose you can see how he'd get a bit narked over the years that he hasn't had a lot of recognition. In his autobiography there is a part about how he came back from winning two gold medals at the 2008 Olympics, and expected a hero's reception at Sports Personality of the Year. Instead they stuck him at the back, didn't interview him, and his wife wasn't even allowed in. He should have been a household name long before 2012 really.
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