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From CDAN:

You Should Get Tested

This actor almost reached A list at one point. He even got to be the lead in a movie. The he dropped like a rock to the point where he is now a C lister even though it was not that long ago that he co-starred in some of the highest grossing movies of all-time. It was not just because his movie bombed or that he was difficult to work with, it is because producers were ticked off at him because he knew he was HIV+ but keep having unprotected sex and not telling anyone. When two of his partners tested positive, our actor was confronted.

The actor said he had not know he was positive, but his B list actress beard told producers that the actor had known for sometime and that his lying about it was one of the main reasons they "broke up." Our actor has been trying to make amends, but he is having a lot of trouble making any progress and is practically blacklisted by anyone who matters in the industry. The only time he is hired is by people who are not aware. Then they are made aware and advised that they should drop the actor.
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