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To be fair to Halle on the whole considering herself and her daughter black thing, its probably not an attack on the father because she's always stated she considers herself black because society will never view her any other way. And its true I'm mixed like Halle and I'm 90% of the time referred to as black, which is odd because I'm no more black than I am white and no one will ever refer to me as white...not that I want to be either.

It doesn't matter if you're mixed, to the majority of people you are black and they will perceive you and treat as such. You get to a point where you're like 'why fight it'. Halle's daughter, despite being more white than black will be treated like a black person her whole life, she may as well get used to it now.
Although you're entitled to consider yourself whatever you want, I think it's sad that you let other people define you. Just because they think that way, it doesn't mean it's right. I am mixed myself. I am half Arab, Half White and I always make a point of saying I am both. If people can't accept that they are the ones with the problem, not me.
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