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From CDAN: Blind Items Revealed!

May 11th, 2009

It is kind of like a three for Monday. We have a B-/C+ television and film actress who is currently a female lead this network drama. it's a new show. Popular though. Anyway, her male co-star is extremely popular on this site, but he is also probably a B-/C+ mostly television actor. Apparently our actress has been acting like a diva on the show and our actor called her out on it. This is an actually quote:

"You are a f***ing c***. Who the hell do you think you are that you can treat people the way you do on set. The crew hates you, the cast hates you and the producers hate you and this is no way to build any kind of career, so knock it off, you f***ing wh*re."

Oh, and both of our actors are foreign born.

It's Beckett & Castle!!!

Go Nathan
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