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Thats impossible. The unlimited card started in July 2000. I know this for a fact. UGC took over from Virgin Cinemas in 2000. In 1999 Virgin Cinemas introduced the megapass which you paid 15 for four weeks of unlimited cinema or 25 for eight weeks. But when it ran out you had to buy another one. When UGC took over they introduced the Unlimited card to phase out the megapass. The unlimited card meant having unlimited access all the time on a subscription without having to renew which still stands today. Fortunateky Cineworld kept the scheme going when they took over in 2005. I got my unlimited card in August 2000 when it had been going for about a month. The first film i saw with it was Mission Impossible 2. But the unlimited card did not exist in December 1999. That is a fact. I will be interested to see how long they say i have been a member for.
I was only posting what it says on my new Cineworld Premium Card.I actually thought I had only had my Unlimited Card since 2001 so maybe Cineworld have put incorrect dates on people Premium Cards.I wonder if anyone else will notice the same mistake when they get their new Premium Cards through!
Just received my premium card and it says I have been a member since Dec 1999. Amazing that. I had an unlimited card nine months before they even existed!
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