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From CDAN;

He Lied

Several years ago, this B list all movie actor who has flirted with A list but has failed dramatically when given the chance to headline a movie, came out to his C+ list male co-star. He felt safe doing so because his co-star is also gay. Very good looking, but not that great of an actor. The two never hooked up because they are just not attracted to each other. The C list actor has got some kink to him and the B lister is still new to everything and just likes things nice and simple. Anyway, the C lister told the B lister that he was going to come out, and that the B lister should do the same. He has kept saying this for years despite the fact that the C lister keeps finding new women to "date." He has told the B lister that he needs to keep dating women because he is afraid that his limited roles will completely dry up if he comes out but has told the B lister not to worry and that everything will be fine if the B lister comes out. The B lister has been unable to do much the past year because of all the turmoil of wanting to come out and keeps hoping the C lister will do what he promised and make it easier for the B lister.
Do these guys like it fast and furious?!!
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