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The guests Aled expertly interviews on Good Morning Sunday and Songs of Praise ("the biggest karaoke in the world" as he calls it) are usually inspirational / spiritual people who have someting entertaining, interesting and worthwhile to impart. Although both GMS and SOP could be said to be serious programmes, Aled still is able at the same time to keep the chat light hearted on them. Like his divine singing voice (in both high and lower registers) this additional ability I believe is a second God given gift.
Aled is entirely unsuited to a partnership / marriage with/ to a fast talking Scots, giggly/ hard to understand, hardened celeb follower. His specialised interviewing skills demonstrated on GMS and SOP, which quickly bring out from his interviewees what 'makes them tick' (or doesn't 'make them tick' in some cases) are wasted on guests, the reason for whose appearance on the programme is to promote their new book, cd, film or ITV show.

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