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Originally Posted by David (2)
Ipod shuffle doesnt have an LCD screen, and the host PC must be running at least Win2000.

Some of the small mp3 players have an in built battery which is charged from the USB socket of a computer (or car USB Utility socket adaptor). My one has this feature + a detachable battery unit - into which you slot in your normal AAA size battery. My unit (a Philips "key" 512Mb) has this design, plus LCD screen. Very small. You can take it on holiday with a full charge, and take extra external AAA batteries with you so it never runs out. If the external battery runs down, it switches automatically to the in built battery.

Could you tell me what MP3 that is? It sounds quite good. Edit: must read brackets in future

Is the Ipod shuffle charged from a USB port?

Really I am willing to have any Mp3 as long as it has the usb charge feature.

Thank you for all your advice to, its much appreiciated
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