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tinkerbell this is the type of man Martinez is -

and yet we keep hearing how Gabriel has a short fuse, always from Berry camp btw.
you can always rely on Mr K to find a glimmer of humour in an otherwise very sad situation

Halle can skip the turkey tonight, because she's already full on smugness and happiness. Halle is loving this. But Gabriel did this to himself. You don't mess with a French dude who squints his eyes so hard that you can't tell if he's ready to beat your ass or if he's trying to squeeze out an extremely stubborn fart bubble. Not only that, but Gabriel Aubry is a model! Why would he risk his beauty by getting into a fist fight he can't win? If Olivier challenged him to a pose off, Gabriel would've won, but not a fist fight. Dumb bitch, think of your pretty pretty face!

Here's Olivier and Halle going to a party in Beverly Hills yesterday. You can tell Olivier's in the mood to beat some ass.
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