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I don't understand why he has to be kept away from his little girl?

Presumably Olivier doesn't have the same ban, so can live in the same house as Nahla despite being involved in the fight, and not even being a relative.

This whole episode stinks to me. Very suspicious timing - Gabriel wins a court case to stop Halle moving Nahla to France, then all of a sudden he is banned from seeing her. No doubt Halle will be back in court in a matter of days, claiming that Gabriel is an unfit father and she should have full custody.

I thought it was odd when I saw the photos of them all at that party, where Nahla was handed to Gabriel for visitation. Surely Olivier being there is a wind up. I mean, the swap should be between parents, not the new boyfriend too. Seems to me like the pair of them have been winding him up. She is a nasty piece of work - hope Nahla looks this all up on the internet when she is old enough, and realises what her mother has done.
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