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I can imagine we'll hear Halle & Oliviers version backed up by their staff and then Gabriel's lone account. I expect they will differ some what. I think this is very sad for Nahlia , especially how they'd all been cordial at party day or so before. Poor little girl will be no doubt left confused. I am unsure why Olivier had to perform a citizens arrest on Gabriel
Halle on your case would be enough but both of them. I'll never forget when Halle said in court documents Gabriel was 'abusive & racist'.
He denied being racist but admitted he called her a f***in bitch (or similar) under provocation. I can see that
Yes a very confused little girl and even more so after going to the threatre under police escort...wth! Just saw the pics, police on motorcycles escorting them to the theatre, Nahla looked scared. Halle laying it on and some, she's obviously a woman who is used to getting her own way no matter how it effects her daughter.
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