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A repositioned camera since 2011 from the ever-so-security-conscious-papparrazi-hostile Ms Berry? LOL. Taping everywhere BUT the driveway? I guess her defence is that the cameras haven't been facing the driveway since 2011 so there was nothing to hand over but it's all a little too convenient once again. An incited brawl knowing that cameras were not there - with her man, on her turf, with her witnesses? The whole thing reeks.

It also seems that GA asking the police to have a look at the tapes was not noted by the LAPD. He wouldnt have know the cameras were 'repositioned' so he was attesting to video evidence in good faith. But none of this is surprising. Despite having his face mangled, he was automatically put on the defensive from the moment OM issued a bogus 'citizen's arrest.'

And even if GA won't be charged in the most one-sided 'mutual' brawl that appearances would suggest, he's still down as the "aggressor" - something HB can use when it comes to seeking a permanent restraining order. I feel so sorry for GA. I feel like he'll be indefinitely estranged from his child. It's beginning to look all too favorably for HB's camp.
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