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What annoys me the most is how he goes on about he does all this for his kids. No you don't it's all about you and always has been. I read last weeks comments in his column about getting his fans to buy his album and sign along. There were further comments about how fit the male dancers but not to worry as the spotlight was still on him! and then a further comment on Junior wanting to get on the stage and Peter states something along the lines of its not his show, its mine.

What a great role model, make sure you kids know it's all about you. If he was genuinely doing this for his children he would have stopped by now. He reached his sell by date a long time ago and the country has run out of sympathy for him. If he didn't pimp out his kids what interest would there be? Zero. He is rather creepy in his desperation to stay in the limelight. Finally if you or your management are reading this please stop dressing like a boy band member from 1986. You're what 40 now? it's embarrassing.
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