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How long is it since Katie Price said she had given up including her kids in reality shows, photoshoots and the like? She seems to have stuck to it, so for all her flaws, she's doing right by them (finally) there. I do think she's a good mum on the whole - there's a helluva lot worse - but yet she seems to get a lot more stick than Pedah the Perfect Father (who drags his kids around the globe on expenses paid filmed holidays where he shows everyone what a Perfect Father he is).

I disliked him for that but also for the one episode I watched where Pedah was at some club in Dubai and 'suddenly felt sad because his brother was back home undergoing chemo' (or words to that effect.) Cue sad face, music fading, stock footage of him hugging his brother and being the Perfect Brother (caring, kind, but y'know, on the other side of the world)

How anyone can exploit both their kids and their sick brother and still be the grannies favourite is beyond me. Mind you..he IS a Perfect Father and Perfect Brother...
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