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This kind of annoys me. The constant references to Katie Prices behaviour. Yes she is everything you have said and more. Yes most people felt incredibly sorry for him in their lasts series as another poster points out. If he had maintained that early dignity and gone off to lead his life quietly and raise his children the same way he would probably have retained that sympathy.

He didn't though he turned up everywhere including at the opening of an envelope giving us big bambi eyes and constantly referring to how he couldn't refer to the reason behind his break up

He still acts as the victim and that is galling when he is every bit as manipulative and crass as she is. His every utterance is about something to do with selling himself, his perfume his records his concert tickets his clothing and his music Oh and last but not least his love for his children.

He is in my opinion a terrible father, utterly insular and a master manipulator of the few fans he has left. None of which has anything to do with Katie Price.
Absolutely brilliant post and IMO right in every aspect.

Picking up on something Cazzz said in a post on the previous page re Peter 'trying too hard' - yes that's what sticks in my throat too. He is too aware of the cameras, too aware of what he should do to show himself in the best possible light, rather than what just comes naturally - he comes across as a try hard - insincere and disingenous IMO.
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