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Definately agree about the writers of the Daily Mail side bar who seem to feature page after page of skinny girls in skimpy bikinis who have 'poured their dangerous curves', (ie, wearing a too small swimsuit, showing side boobs), or have an 'enviable figure' (this normally translates as a girl having a normal, slim figure), or 'romping' (ie, walking, may be splashing about with a guy, but definately posing in that 'oh a camera, where?' kind of way). ''flaunting', is another overused, term - see romping. Not that as a male i'm complaining about pics of bikini clad girls on-line. Just the DMs facination with it, especially for those people who are totally unknown in the UK. They love to featre some 50-something tanned, leather hided creature called Rita Rusic, whose only talent seems to be able to lie on a sunlounger!

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