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I saw through Peter Andre during an early episode of his solo series following his break up. He was saying goodbye to his children and putting them into a car for a minder to take to their mother. He kept saying things like "Don't be sad kids, don't get upset, I'll see you again soon," and making a big drama out of it. The funny thing was the children were absolutely fine and probably a bit bemused as to why he was making such a fuss. He then said something along the lines of "You're going to see Mummy now, that's if she isn't working."

He seems to make a lot of passive aggressive digs about his children's mother whilst trying to maintain the image of a saint.

For me the worst thing was seeing him on the front cover of OK magazine posing with his children, with a quote from him slagging Katie Price off as the main headline. If he wants to criticise her then fair enough, but to put his children in the position of being unwitting participants in this, where in years to come they will see their smilling faces next to disrespectful words about their Mum, made me feel ill. The man is a disgrace.
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