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This thread is hilarious.

I also hate romp, beau, any mention of curves.

I'd like to add:-

partied = went for a few drinks

pint sized pop princess - used usually when refering to Kylie Minogue.

Gal Pal - just BLLUUGGHH!!

Here's a great example from today's DM 'Real Housewives star Dana Wilkey 'squeezes her ample curves into a hot pink bikini' plus there's 'romping' on the beach with 'millionaire boyfriend'....

I also hate all the weather related hysteria...

The mecury plumetted to minus xx = it got cold because it's winter time.

Britian has been ravaged/blasted/plunged/swathed/battered by wind/snow/ice = it's winter time shock horror!!

Britain baked/sizzled/ in temperatures that were sent soaring into the 80s = it's summer time shock horror!!

the mecury soared = ditto
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