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The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) 7/10 The end of the world is nigh! You'll recognise some of the extreme weather patterns in this movie to those of today! Rain, fog, drought and so on. In this movie they are less natural events and more man made. A number of simultaneous atomic, (again!), explosions knock the Earth off its axis and sends it spiralling towards the sun. A jaded journalist uncovers the story with the aid of a Met office secretary as the authourities begin to ration the water and the worlds governments come up with a plan to save us all. Like Rocketship XM eleven years earlier, the clever use of a red tint is used in an otherwise B&W movie but this time to give the impression of extreme heat. An intelligent sci-fi movie which does not rely on special effects but rather on characterization and some great dialogue scenes.
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