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There's a recent Australian film with a similar serial-killer-on-road premise, which makes me wonder if there's a real life Australian serial killer. Does anyone know?
I'd imagine most countries have or have had serial killers. Here's what wiki lists for Aus:

David and Catherine Birnie: also known as "Moorhouse murders"; couple from the suburban Perth area responsible for the murders of four women
Gregory Brazel: shot dead a woman in 1982 armed robbery and murdered two prostitutes in 1990
John Bunting, Robert Wagner and James Vlassakis: also known as "Bodies in the Barrels Murders"; convicted of the Snowtown murders of 11 people between 1992 and 1999
Eric Edgar Cooke: also known as "The Night Caller"; killed at least 8 people; last person to be hanged in Western Australia
Paul Denyer: also known as "Frankston Killer"; murdered three women in 1993 in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston
Peter Dupas: serving three life sentences for multiple murders and rape charges
Kathleen Folbigg: murdered four of her infants
Leonard Fraser: also known as "The Rockhampton Rapist"; convicted of killing four women in Rockhampton, Queensland
John Wayne Glover: also known as "The Granny Killer"; British immigrant who killed six elderly women on Sydney's North Shore; committed suicide in 2005
Caroline Grills: also known as "Auntie Thally"; serial poisoner of five family members
Matthew James Harris: strangled a friend's brother, a female friend and a male neighbour to death over five weeks in 1998 in Wagga Wagga
Thomas Jeffries: Tasmanian penal colony escapee responsible for the murders of four people; executed in 1826
William MacDonald: also known as "the Mutilator"; killed at least five men between June 1961 and April 1963
John and Sarah Makin: late 19th century baby farmers who killed and buried 12 children at a succession of their homes
Ivan Milat: killed at least seven tourists in Belanglo State Forest, New South Wales; suspected in similar disappearances in Newcastle
Martha Rendell: killed three stepchildren with hydrochloric acid in the 20th century; last woman to be hanged in Western Australia
Arnold Sodeman: also known as the "School-girl Strangler"; killed four children in Melbourne in the 1930s
Christopher Worrell and James Miller: also known as the "Truro Murderers"; convicted of killing six victims
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