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Lifeforce (1985) 7/10 Vampires, Zombies, spaceships flashy lights and a naked Mathilda May and what have you got? Great fun in the form of Lifeforce! Ok the acting is crap, the film itself isnt the best and yet 1h 51m just fly by! The movie certainly isnt without its faults and seems to have had a troubled production, just read the trivia notes on imdb. The story: A Shuttle discovers an alien spacecraft inside a comet and go to investigate. (Always a bad move!). They find three survivors onboard in suspended animation and bring them to Earth, (Yet another bad move!). Once on Earth the survivors re-animate and soon its realized that the three are vampires that survive by taking the lifeforce from their victims! The female vampire escapes and the chase begins while the two male vampires begin the process of havesting the lifeforce of London's population. All I can say is if Mathilda May were to start collecting lifeforces I'd be first in line!
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