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Jeremiah Johnson (1972) It is the 1830's and a jaded soldier leaves the U.S. Army to become a mountain man in the Rockies. His inexperiance, at first, gets the better of him until he meets up with Bear Claw, another mountain man who teaches the greenhorn the things he needs to know in order to survive. Pretty soon he is befriended by the local Indians and along the way picks up a family of his own and begins to settle down. However once settled a troop of cavalry turn up asking Johnson for help in reaching a group of would be settlers who are in need of help themselves. Johnson agrees to take them but the shortest path leads through an Indian burial ground. After warning the troop about the possible dangers of trespassing upon the holy ground he reluctantly agrees to take them through it, most people would have told them to do one and bogged off back home but not our Jeremiah! He leads them through it without a problem and they reach the stranded settlers soon after. (Although after warning the soldiers about trespassing he inexplicably decides to return home alone that same way!) The Indians who had earlier befreinded him know what he has done and now turn against him and slaughter his family and attempt to chase him down.
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